Mummy montage

About the fireman the midwife and the boy…

It occurred to me this week that I haven’t completed my baby journal for baby boy (now toddler boy as he turned one last month). I started off so well in pregnancy back in the days where time was a plenty and I had dreams of knitting a blanket, jotting down every little new milestone on the day it happened and dressing my baby boy in pristine white every day. Well the blanket is more like a scarf, the first month of the baby journal is complete and I am not sure how many vests we now own of a white ish variety that haven’t now been kissed by a raspberry or tomato pasta.

I can’t be the only one I am aware! I’m sure lots of Mums out there also have incomplete diaries and mummy guilt ridden regrets but this realisation did make me sad. I wanted to cherish every moment of my boy’s first year, to be able to re-live every detail of his growing up and relay the funny little details to him as he grew big and yet already there are little things that I cannot remember with enough clarity to complete his book.

I do however have an insane passion for photographing our little family and here is my saving grace. What I have lacked in detail in the written sense I have made up ten score in tiny photographic details of every day life. Never far from my nikon or indeed my iPhone I capture as many photographs as I can even if it is sticky hands with a rice cake or crazy bed hair in the morning. These photographs are my journal and will continue to be from this day onwards through the medium of this blog to make up my mummy montage.

Daddy isn’t a fan of the camera like most Dads are not but he may pop up every now and again if I can persuade him. He works as a firefighter and I couldn’t be more proud of my handsome hero and fantastic role model to baby boy. We are both so very lucky that he looks after us like he does.

When I am not being a mummy or photographing or blogging I am a midwife and have a real passion for my job despite how tiring it is!

3 thoughts on “About the fireman the midwife and the boy…

  1. Love the new blog! Hope it keeps afloat well – I admire your ability to juggle that, motherhood, wifehood and your job apart from everything else! Are you back at work? I don’t promise to keep up to date, but I will try – need to work out a good way to at least read blogs more regularly, if not blog myself. Still don’t love the WordPress reader, it really doesn’t work for me.
    Sounds like it’s been a fun, whirlwind of a year! A friend gave us a baby book which I have barely touched. I do have a sparse digital journal though – I find that easier to update, although it’s admittedly not as nice.
    Good to see you around and doing well! Welcome back, looking forward to the photos! (Funny that, I just joined Instagram today, thinking I will at least try to get creative more regularly with photography if I’m not writing so much… Then I received your message about your new blog!)


    1. Thank you so much! I don’t know if I will be able to keep it afloat either but I know I miss blogging and now I have a jam packed life to blog about!!
      I am back at work so it’s hard, plus I have started at a new hospital so I am really challenging myself :-O
      Hope that you keep up to your instagram, I am a big fan!! funny how life works out isn’t it. I was just thinking about you so thought I’d check how you were. How is motherhood for you? I have found it has passed far too quickly.


      1. Wow you don’t do things by halves that’s for sure!! Hope the new job is going well. You’re right – everything is going by so quickly. There are new tricks everyday so it really feels like so much is happening so quickly, don’t you think?
        Are you on Instagram? I’d love to follow! I’m simply thisislemonade as usual ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m just playing with it right now, trying to get to grips with how it all works and feeling like a newbie ๐Ÿ˜›


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