Everything in your life seems to change when you have a baby. Now that my little boy is one and is exploring a whole new world of shelves, cupboards and doors my life changes have seemed to step up a notch! I wanted to share with you a realistic depiction of toddlerhood. Does anyone else have a pre and post child photo to share?! Here is mine:

On the plus side I absolutely love that he pulls out the books to read them as I adore books myself. I just have to stop cringing if he doesn’t handle them gently or makes them dog eared! There is something that breaks inside me when he pulls the flaps on a book and creases them. OCD yes. Do I care, no.

Please also note the TV wire that he manages to reach up and pull down! Argh!

Please send yours in a link by the comments and use the tag #messymontage

Mummy Montage

3 thoughts on “Messymontage

  1. Haha your room looks very civilised even with the things on the floor! I adore books too and they’re always looking something like that too 🙂
    I’m currently trying to work out how to teach mine to stand back in the kitchen as the room where I let her play is connected and I’m reluctant to gate her in. Until then, she is strapped into her booster seat while I cook because she’s too curious and wants to open all the cupboards and turn the knobs on the stove… :O

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    1. Haha! I giggling at the thought of the booster seat. My little boy does open all the cupboards I just spend ages going back and forth between the said activity and him to close them again! I am hoping it will slowly sink in…wish me luck!!

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