The first nursery bug

Today I woke at 10.00am and that just doesn’t normally happen with a toddler around. My first thought was “is he alive” and my second thought “has he escaped from the cot”. Thankfully he was alive and safely contained but definitely out of sorts. I had expected to be up the whole night as he was desperately difficult to get to sleep the night before and we had noticed some suspicious looking spots on his arm too, having received a chicken pox memo from the nursery this week.

I did a check all over and still only these two spots were there when I fully expected a whole body outbreak of it was chicken pox. Plus aren’t they supposed to appear on their chest first?! Feeling like a complete mummy moron I rang the GP and they booked him in to check what it was. 

After waiting a while in an isolation room…taking a GP selfie as you do…and going into the nurse for not one but two opinions they still couldn’t tell me if it was chicken pox or not! Great, smashing, brilliant.

Chicken pox one year old

More have appeared as they day went on so I have now come to the conclusion that it is the pox. I did expect him to seem more poorly than this though, or maybe that’s still to come. He seems a little sweaty but his core temp is fine, his appetite is reduced and he’s a little grouchy I suppose. The nurse did remind me that the breast milk he has been having may reduce his symptoms a little and I hadn’t considered that. My immunity is possibly helping him out 🙂 Perhaps he has fought off lots of other bugs through the power of my boobie milk too!

As I sit and type this now I’m wondering if I have a rough night ahead but hopefully not. Here is hoping he sleeps in like this morning! Bedtime was thankfully less stressful than last night as he went off to slumberland in my arms. Precious cuddles which I don’t often get now he’s bigger.

Chicken pox cuddles

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