Wicked Wednesdays

broccoli meets baby

My first wicked wednesday entry is how wickedly messy tender stem broccoli can get when it meets a baby!! Head on over and join in too 🙂


9 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays

  1. Haha you don’t realise how many ways there are to get messy until you let them loose with their food! I cringe at salmon and only give it to her at dinner if I’m going to bathe her afterwards – she often feels the urge to check that her hair is still there while she’s got salmon all over her hands ugh! 😀


    1. Oh my! Salmon sounds really messy! That’s something we haven’t really explored yet! It’s incredible how much they get in their hair. Some of the Organix crisps are horrendous!


      1. I work salmon into fishcakes now and just hope that she doesn’t run everything into her hair together, because I’ve completely lost my nerve with salmon on its own lol. Haha yes, those “dry” snacks look so innocent at first, until those crumbs stick all over the place and refuse to be removed! :O


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