Peas please!!!

I have a confession. My child has never eaten a real pea, and by that I mean direct from the source, straight from the pod into the steamer.

Shock horror I have fed my child fake peas.

I can add that to my list of mummy guilt along with the crimes of not choosing organic, spoon feeding some meals, buying jars and giving my child a taste of chocolate before one.

This might seem irrational…and I think it is a little…but it really bothers me that until now I haven’t thought about showing my little one peas in a pod or corn in the husk or carrots with tops on.

I LOVE food. Truly I do, and I want him to share that love and appreciation too. Maybe one day he will enjoy cooking like me and strive to produce things from scratch. All of a sudden I feel the pressure of how these early experiences of food could shape his entire attitude to food preparation and his diet.

Isn’t being a mummy so tough sometimes?! We focus on feeding the right things, then we have to worry if we are feeding them the right way, at the right times and the right amount! I confess I have spoon fed my one year old and still continue to do so but he usually has something as finger food for each meal, it’s just how I felt comfortable and it seems to have worked for us. Now he eats enthusiastically and will usually give anything I put in front of him a try, just last week a ginger biscuit at Grandma’s was a fail however! (add that to my mummy guilt list I feel a post coming along)

So back to the peas. I wanted to show my little boy that his peas didn’t come from a freezer bag so I sat with him an shelled them on the floor whilst he stole a couple to try raw.

I am NOT about to do this every day I just simply don’t have the time. However I have realised that I want to start involving my little one in the kitchen a little more so that he can start to grow an appreciation for what happens prior to his meal getting plonked on his high chair.

Peas-1 Raw or frozen Peas-2 Shelling Peas-3 Freshly picked and raw Peas-4 Shelling in the garden

One thought on “Peas please!!!

  1. Hi LOL! I’m so behind. I’m still mourning the demise of the Google Reader and stubbornly refused to adapt to anything else (hate the WordPress one) but I’m missing reading and commenting on blogs so much, I’m giving Feedly another go… ANYWAY…
    I have felt no guilt about not showing my little girl peas in a pod (she loves peas) since frozen ones apparently retain all their nutrients so much better.
    I wouldn’t worry, your enthusiasm for food is sure to rub off somehow. Mine just started helping herself to the little frying pan I regularly use to fry omelettes for her yesterday – she loves this one cupboard that I let her open in the kitchen, keeps going there to open the door and see my reaction. Today, she decided it was time to ignore all my instructions to close the door, not to take things out… I expect her to repay me by cooking some nice meals while I put my feet up in future… 😉


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