The frozen yoghurt is pants, give me Ben & Jerry’s

Today was a success.

No further spots to report, now really unsure if it is chicken pox or not!

I ventured into town for a few essentials and thought it might be pleasant in this hot weather to grab an ice cream in the gardens before grocery times.

Massive fail, by the time I had walked from the car to the gardens little man was fast asleep. I walked one circuit of the geraniums etc and then back grocery bound only to pass the loudest toddler known to man on the way back. Child woken, nap over. 15 mins is completely insufficient for a one year old!

Springfield-4 Springfield-5 Springfield-6

It was peaceful whilst it lasted!

Not to be deterred from the ice cream experience I bought some frozen yoghurt and felt excited to see what he thought of a Berry Swirl!

Not happening, he hated it and instantaneously spat it out like I’d fed him something poisonous. All I can think is that he may hate the cold sensation…OR…he would have much rather tried Ben & Jerry’s. Sorry little man Mummy will do better next time.

PS Mummy and Daddy enjoyed the frozen yoghurt in bed just now though. xxx

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