My “Mummy guilt” list…so far

Life as a midwife and as a Mum can get a bit hectic at times and yesterday was certainly no different.

After a twelve hour shift and a careless placement of my leftover McDonalds fries this occurred…

Fries mcdonalds mummy guilt

At thirteen months my precious little curly has discovered McDonalds! Oops I suddenly thought I’ll add that to the list of things I feel guilty for already. We all have that list right? I’ll share mine with you :-/


  • My son has eaten McDonalds at the age of one (ok ok and Domino’s)
  • I work and have to leave him with nursery, or family or friends to make it possible
  • The amount I earn at work minus the childcare makes me wonder whether I should bother going to work
  • I use CBeebies or Disney films as a form of childcare on the days after my shifts to recover from work
  • I use childcare on days that I am not at work, hey it’s paid for! Plus the freedom…bliss
  • I didn’t feed him organic baby food
  • I used jarred food and spoon fed him sometimes
  • He has eaten chocolate
  • I feed him food sometimes so that he’ll be good and quiet
  • I didn’t want to feed him at the breast when he started biting
  • He isn’t always given finger foods
  • I look forward to bedtime sometimes
  • I’ve stolen money out of his piggy bank (I will pay it back, when we’ve moved house)
  • I often give him random objects to play with that I know will keep him quiet. He now loves hairbrushes…
  • I don’t read to him every night.
  • He doesn’t get bathed every night.

What’s your list of mummy guilt?! Link it below if you fancy joining in.

One thought on “My “Mummy guilt” list…so far

  1. I don’t bathe mine more than every other night as a matter of choice – London water is hard and drying on my skin! (I do shower every night, and I will bathe her extra if it’s been hot and sweaty etc. but…) don’t judge! And also, she’s always playing with random objects – taking toys out with us is a lost cause nowadays, she just wants to handle anything but her toys! Her favourite thing is to tamper with anything mummy handles…and if I don’t keep a close eye while letting her wander a bit, she might just help herself to a stranger’s handbag – yes, she has started early, she loves bags (zips and the fact that they open), shoes and bling… :’)


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