All fuelled up to fight fire…

…after a quick nap anyway.

trainee firefighter failThere has been a new development in how the little fireman sleeps for naps. Ordinarily fighting sleep to the very end of parental sanity he has now taken to quietly settling upon the lounge rug to have a cat nap when required. The unfortunate aspect of this is the terrible tea time timing! You have to love the dreaded late afternoon nap and then inevitable pre-bed meltdown!

Do your little ones cuddle something unusual to go to bed or nap?! The way he’s smashing his lips on his wooden comforter cracks me up!

One thought on “All fuelled up to fight fire…

  1. He looks absolutely adorable there. Do you find that you could stare at him all day when he’s asleep? Heheh.. although I make a dash for it, if she stirs before optimal nap endtime if I’m caught gazing at her sleeping……….. 😀


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